Can CBD Help Us Better Manage Stress?

Our body has a natural system in place for handling stress. It’s commonly known as our “fight or flight” response, but the formal title is acute stress response.

Even when the situation that activates it isn’t as serious as the terminology might lead you to believe, it’s still working. Our heart rate might spike and our nervous system will fire up because of this innate survival mechanism. It’s natural for our stress regulators to get triggered now and then, but when they’re getting triggered constantly it can throw our body’s out of balance.

For this reason, developing and practicing different habits to help ourselves handle the increased number of daily stressors we encounter is so important. As it gets harder and harder to avoid triggering constant stress responses, we need to figure out ways to strengthen our body’s ability to handle this trigger. There are many practices we can implement, such as yoga, meditation, and regular exercise, but hemp-oil extracts might provide another source of assistance.

Our endocannabinoid system is tied to our body’s ability to handle stress response, and studies have shown that maintaining the healthy function of our ECS could assist in our body’s ability to adapt to stress. The CBD in hemp extracts could provide the support to our endocannabinoid system to promote proper functioning in order to handle external triggers and keep our stress levels balanced.